week 1: hardware accounted for

It has been a while since I got a kick out of DIY, and now the time has come again. This time focus on Robots!

While this will track my daughter and I’s progress , it will also serve as archives for when my 2nd daughter comes of age and the cycle starts over.

Let’s review the hardware at our disposal as of today:

  • 5 year old laptop without a screen, freezes randomly => would make me liable for all service calls (wife and kids), No deal
  • a bunch of tablets … not fun enough
  • Arduino Nano. Simple interface, works, no video on that one, tested the UART and ADC
  • Raspberry Pi2, Debian based Raspbian , I had never touched Linux long enough to come back to it over and over


But this is about to change. In fact I got the kit RPi2 + LEDs + resistors + prototype board. And it is FUN. I planned to be using Python for our first GPIO attempt to light the LEDs on demand.

More on this soon as I will edit this entry.